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Meaning of Revival
"Cry for the nations" prophetic conference.
Mission of the Holy Spirit
Mission Series " Ready formission"
Suffering for the gospel
Suffering for the gospel is a privilege as its inheritance is eternal life. Immortality of no more suffering, pain, sickness or death! The afflictions we face on earth is temporary…
Being one in Christ
Christ was one with the Father and so the body of Christ must be united to serve one another in love and faith-building.
Paul, the servant of the gospel
Paul focused on the glory of God with the centre of Jesus Christ and working together with the Holy Spirit as one for human salvation
Passion for new life, new birth
On three occasions we see Nicodemus in the book of John. The first and last time we see Nicodemus is incredibly moving to what changes have happened in his life. Take this journey of new birth and new life with the lens of a powerful judge and Rabbi of the Sanhedrin!
Effective Evangelism
Time to be hungry, passionate for God again. You let the love die young but effectiveness is living and breathing like God intended you to be. Speak the life in…
Please Lord send someone else!
Sometimes we forget God calls our name to go! Many excuses,  doubts and the confidence to believe in ourselves and God for a change to take place. The character of…

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