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A Godly example of a Wife and Mother
A real-life experience and scripture guidance on the examples of a Godly mother and wife.
A Godly Woman
Who can compete with the Proverbs Woman..? Well, take a closer look at her and discover some hidden questions about who is truly a woman full of worth.
A vessel for God’s glory
Ever been used, rejected and abandoned. The story of the Potter's wheel is an extraordinary and restoring picture of the tireless work of a Potter putting what is damaged back…
A Worthy Woman
Emma does a great research in showing us a case for a worthy woman!
Agape – God’s Pure Love – Part 1
Love in Action is distinguished in our understanding of love. Is human love able to fulfill a person? Part 1 of the sermon explores how loving someone is a choice and not that of emotions and feelings.
Agape God’s Pure love – Part 2
Theme - Love in Action Part 2 of the sermon explores the example of Jesus as love walking amongst people.
Being one in Christ
Christ was one with the Father and so the body of Christ must be united to serve one another in love and faith-building.
Come with praise & thanksgiving
The sounds of praise can mean different expressions in Psalms. Learn the postures and attitudes in entering God's temple.

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