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Remembering with joy – 1 Samuel 7:12
History of Wellspring Wembley since 1992 and remembering with joy even the hard times
Meaning of Revival
"Cry for the nations" prophetic conference.
Reap what you sow
Reap what you sow - how you think, speak, act and give!
Mission of the Holy Spirit
Mission Series " Ready formission"
Suffering for the gospel
Suffering for the gospel is a privilege as its inheritance is eternal life. Immortality of no more suffering, pain, sickness or death! The afflictions we face on earth is temporary…
Being one in Christ
Christ was one with the Father and so the body of Christ must be united to serve one another in love and faith-building.
Paul, the servant of the gospel
Paul focused on the glory of God with the centre of Jesus Christ and working together with the Holy Spirit as one for human salvation
Daniel’s Excellent Spirit
The history of Daniel as a young man to his old age thrown into Lion's den. At no point did Daniel compromise his faith and he kept praying in the…
Men with God are the majority
The Pastoral letter of Titus shows him as a charismatic and dedicated person that is ready to stand for what is right with placing order, structure and discipline in place…
The body of Christ
Ps. M L Incerti shares ' The one body analogy" from 1 Corinthians 12

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