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Agape – God’s Pure Love – Part 1
Love in Action is distinguished in our understanding of love. Is human love able to fulfill a person? Part 1 of the sermon explores how loving someone is a choice and not that of emotions and feelings.
Mission Series – Productivity
Be ready for developing ministry. equipped to use our spiritual gifts and ready for the battle!
Mission Series – Security
Security - means God's protection, his promises, and purpose over your life
Mission Series – Capacity
Mission Series - Capacity " To receive God's capacity is to see Him demonstrate His true character in our lives"
Mission series – Stability
The picture of a stable, unchanging, unmovable in God is crucial in our understanding that He is faithful no matter the circumstances
Mission Series – Identity – Part 4
Part 4 of our mission series focusing on identity in God's Service!
Mission Series – Identity – Part 3
Join us for Part 3 of our mission series focusing on identity in God's family!
Mission Series – Identity-Part 2
Identity is affirming and positioning you as God's child
Mission Series – Identity Part 1
Identity crisis? Not sure why,how and when? Join us for identity part 1 of the mission series
He knows my thoughts
Every thought that comes needs to be captivated. Often we forget that we create in the spiritual (mind) what then becomes physical (enters our heart and comes out of our…

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