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He knows my thoughts
Every thought that comes needs to be captivated. Often we forget that we create in the spiritual (mind) what then becomes physical (enters our heart and comes out of our…
Expect the unexpected
Ever expect the unexpected at an inconvenient time? The saying of ' life is full of surprises' may not surprise you either..because it's true! However..many live life not ready for…
A vessel for God’s glory
Ever been used, rejected and abandoned. The story of the Potter's wheel is an extraordinary and restoring picture of the tireless work of a Potter putting what is damaged back…
Effective Evangelism
Time to be hungry, passionate for God again. You let the love die young but effectiveness is living and breathing like God intended you to be. Speak the life in…
bearing Fruit and Fruitfulness is not only about character building but a journey of increasing your maturity levels. Loving someone, for example,is not the same and a suffering love who…
A Godly Woman
Who can compete with the Proverbs Woman..? Well, take a closer look at her and discover some hidden questions about who is truly a woman full of worth.
Come with praise & thanksgiving
The sounds of praise can mean different expressions in Psalms. Learn the postures and attitudes in entering God's temple.

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