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Passion for new life, new birth
On three occasions we see Nicodemus in the book of John. The first and last time we see Nicodemus is incredibly moving to what changes have happened in his life. Take this journey of new birth and new life with the lens of a powerful judge and Rabbi of the Sanhedrin!
Elijah and the widow of Zarephath
A mother makes the ultimate sacrifice to protect and love her child. She takes the first step in trusting God despite the hopelessness!
A Godly example of a Wife and Mother
A real-life experience and scripture guidance on the examples of a Godly mother and wife.
The Power of a praying Woman
Explore Psalm 27 and power patterns of prayer
A Worthy Woman
Emma does a great research in showing us a case for a worthy woman!
the greatest of these is love
Love in action means distinguishing the love of 1 Corinthians 13 and what love is and is not in context to the church of Corinth.
Agape God’s Pure love – Part 2
Theme - Love in Action Part 2 of the sermon explores the example of Jesus as love walking amongst people.
Agape – God’s Pure Love – Part 1
Love in Action is distinguished in our understanding of love. Is human love able to fulfill a person? Part 1 of the sermon explores how loving someone is a choice and not that of emotions and feelings.
Mission Series – Productivity
Be ready for developing ministry. equipped to use our spiritual gifts and ready for the battle!
Mission Series – Security
Security - means God's protection, his promises, and purpose over your life

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